The Worldwide Clutterbuck Family Gathering

Clutterbuck, maybe it's your name or the name of a close family member, distant relative, or ancestor. Many websites provide information about genealogy and family trees. Serious genealogists are really passionate about their research of family lineage, and there are Clutterbuck genealogists around the world who are cooperating to record One Great Family Tree for Clutterbuck. Some of us find that searching our roots and learning our family histories is an interesting hobby. We might even be able to help you trace your family tree and get connected with your roots.

But many of us are more interested in family relationships in the here and now and would like to reconnect with family members who may have become disconnected over time and space in this modern world. These days, more than ever, folks appreciate the value of family in their lives.

Fortunately, the Internet provides a perfect technology to make such connections possible and to keep us involved with each other as a family. Using the power of the Internet, people are finding long lost relatives. Some are discovering relatives they didn't even know of. Many of us are forming new friendships and closer relationships with family members we can't get together with as often as we'd like.

So, this is a special place on the Internet for a continuous worldwide Clutterbuck family gathering. Like all family gatherings, you never know who will show up. But it's always fun because everyone brings something unique to the party. At family get-togethers, everyone says, "We should do this more often." Here, we do it all the time. is a work in progress. In addition to The Principal Branches of the Family of Clutterbuck, the book which is now posted on this website, there are links on to websites for famous Clutterbuck estates and websites of various Clutterbuck family members. There's also a link to a "Clutterbuck Blog" that will have regular posts of "stuff about Clutterbucks you might like to know." And we'll soon be adding a Clutterbuck Forum that will provide a place online where everyone can get together to discuss what's going on in the family worldwide.

Special projects that we hope to facilitate with are:

1. One Great Family Tree for all Clutterbucks from the beginning of recorded history to the present day family around the world, for the benefit of future generations.

2. Family Gatherings of Clutterbucks in various countries around the world. We'll help with these in any way we can. As much as we'd all like to get together more often, it's not always possible with many family members living in faraway places. To strengthen the bonds of extended families, and to build new connections, we've developed a system of "group weblogs" for each country in which we find members of the Clutterbuck family, worldwide. Check out the Clutterbuck group blogs listed by country name on the right ----->

3. The Worldwide Clutterbuck Family Gathering in 2015 in Gloucestershire, England. This great gathering of the family will take time and cooperation to organize, and will build on the experiences of the various regional gatherings in the years to come, beginning with a Clutterbuck Gathering in New Zealand in October, 2004.

4. The publication of a new Clutterbuck Book, building on the research for The Principal Branches of the Family of Clutterbuck, published in 1923. We hope to have this book completed and distributed to all members of the Clutterbuck family, free of charge, as part of the celebration of the reunion of the Clutterbuck family in Gloucestershire, England, in 2015, the 500th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Clotterbooke, from whom many of the Clutterbuck family can trace their family trees.

We welcome the participation of everyone interested in this project.


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