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Due to overwhelming demand—okay, just a little prodding from the blokes in New Zealand—we've redesigned The Clutterbuck Blog to facilitate participation by family members around the world.

For starters, we've set up weblog pages for all the countries known to harbour Clutterbucks. Of course, the United Kingdom is a good place to begin, but there's also representation in the colonies. Canada has made a good start, as has New Zealand. We're expecting lots of participation from Australia and the United States, and we know there are Clutterbucks in Ireland, Argentina, Germany, Taiwan, and Thailand. We didn't forget Poland, but we haven't put up their page yet. Surely, we'll hear about it if there's a Clutterbuck there, or anywhere else we've overlooked.

Why should anyone get involved with this? There are probably as many reasons to connect with family worldwide as there are Clutterbucks. Everyone has their own good reasons. A few of our reasons have been noted here before. Hopefully, we'll hear from all kinds of Clutterbucks who'd like to get connected and participate in one aspect of this project or another.

Some people are a bit shy and might just want to quietly read along, and that's okay, too. But we'd really like to hear from you, or receive a quick email just to say hello. We're really friendly folk, you know.


At March 08, 2005 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan Clutterbuck loves hanging out @181 Broughdale in London with his buddy Kosta....he also enjoys long walks on the beach and Tango lessons on friday nights....We're gonna have a great time on ST.Patty's day C-buck!!!


The Extremist


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