Clutterbuck's Antarctic Expedition

What's the thing with Clutterbucks and mountains?

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, when we read here about Brits Dan and David Clutterbuck climbing Mount Clutterbuck in the Canadian Rockies, we saw this news about another adventurous Clutterbuck from the UK.

Peter Clutterbuck is setting out this week on an Antarctic expedition aiming to climb some of the unclimbed peaks in the Ellsworth mountains to raise money for the cancer information charity Cancerbackup. He will be accompanied by Simon Garrod a former British Antarctic Survey commander and now a professional mountain guide.

Peter is raising money for Cancerbackup because of the support he has received from the charity when a number of close family members have been diagnosed with cancer. This includes his mother who sadly died from the disease and his wife, Bonnie who is currently receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Peter is an experienced mountaineer and sailor with previous expeditions including climbing in the Alps, Andes, Himalayas and Arctic Greenland and sailing across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

During the trip Peter will be relaying information back to the UK by satellite phone giving updates on his position, altitude and how the challenge is going. These will be posted on Cancerbackup's website every day at

Bonnie Clutterbuck will be at home looking after their two sons, Richard (9) and Mike (14) and preparing for a great Christmas when Peter returns.

Peter Clutterbuck said, "This is a challenging expedition but I look forward to being home for Christmas with my family having climbed a mountain no-one has ever stood on before and having raised a good amount of money for Cancerbackup."

Bonnie Clutterbuck added, "Of course the boys and I will miss Peter while he's away but we know he's doing it for a great cause and he'll come back with some fantastic tales to tell of his adventures at the bottom of the world."

Kate Shanley, Head of Fundraising at Cancerbackup said, "We are always grateful to everyone who takes part in fundraising events on behalf of Cancerbackup whether it's organising a jumble sale, doing a parachute jump, running a marathon, or climbing huge mountains in the freezing cold of Antarctica."

Photos of Peter and Simon on previous expeditions are available on request.

Other challenges

If you're looking for a challenge which is a bit different from the well worn paths along the Great Wall of China or on the Inca Trail (though Cancerbackup provides those too) and would like to raise money for charity to help people with cancer Cancerbackup is the place to come.

Climbing the world's highest active volcano, mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador, riding on horseback through Mongolia, cycling through the Mekong Delta or skiing the Milky Way Challenge in the Alps are just a few of the charity challenges Cancerbackup can offer.

These give people the chance to explore spectacular locations all over the world, and raise money to help Cancerbackup provide information and advice to people with cancer and their family and friends.

For those with less time, or who are a little less adventurous, there are a number of shorter events in the UK and Europe which can be achieved over a long weekend including climbing Ben Nevis, trekking over lava fields in Iceland or scaling Mount Etna in Sicily.

Cancerbackup also offers the chance to take on other challenges such as white water rafting and parachuting, and if your idea of fun isn't included in our list of events, the charity can offer groups of 10 or more their own tailor-made expedition.


1. Cancerbackup is the only national charity that specialises in providing information on all types of cancer.

2. All Cancerbackup services are free to cancer patients, their relatives and friends.

3. Cancerbackup Freephone Information Service: 0808 800 1234 (Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm). Cancerbackup Centres can be found in St Bartholomew's Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital, the London Clinic, The Christie Hospital, Ipswich Hospital, Nottingham City Hospital, Coventry's University Hospital and Jersey. The charity's website can be found at

4. Cancerbackup, as a charity, receives 54% of its funding from individuals, 11% from charitable trusts, 5% from grants, 14% from companies, 2% from investments and 14% from its trading company. Pharmaceutical companies contributed 9% of the total 2005/06 income.

5. In April 2006 Cancerbackup changed its name from CancerBACUP, so that the charity's name better represents the service the charity provides: information, understanding and support to anyone affected by cancer.


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